Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Roses To Come

Check out these amazing colors of both fabric and thread. For all you Rose of Sharon fans out there, Elizabeth Phillips (my partner at Nine Patch Media) and I working on a book with all new original Rose of Sharon blocks.  As with all of my previous books this one will be published by Martingale & Co, and I'm pretty sure Nine Patch Media will be putting out an accompanying DVD.

With the gorgeous palette of fabrics from Island Batik and a set of matching threads from Aurifil we are having a wonderful time designing and making projects.

Pictured here (holding all the new fabrics) is Sarah, our Admin person at Nine Patch - Sarah is a new quilting enthusiast and chose for her first quilt - a queen sized Double Wedding Ring. Not a faint heart that's for sure.

Sarah is going to be helping make blocks for the new book - she has agreed to be our 'guinea pig' AKA pattern tester so with her input we'll be able to say even a beginner can do it.

It's so wonderful to see her excitement when the boxes of fabric and thread arrive - I tease her about employing strip searches when she goes home for the day. Stash building is pretty important for new quilters.

The Annual Jigsaw Puzzle

Every Christmas my family does a jig-saw puzzle - it's the only time of year that my cutting table is completely cleared off. This year my brother Thomas, and his son Michaeljohn helped a great deal - as did Xiao Yun, my sister-in-law who took this picture.

I'm sure you quilters recognize the green thing the jig-saw puzzle is on - my cutting mat. Handy things for more than cutting fabrics.

What did you get for Christmas?

I didn't really get this for Christmas but I've wanted to share the photo ever since I got it. My wonderful grandkids have some very interesting pets but this one is the best - I mean how many people can say they have a bearded dragon as a pet? I have to admit that I didn't keep it 'cuddled' on my chest much longer than it took to take the picture.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome to my new blog

With a New Year, comes a new blog. Please be patient while I get the hang of this new blog. In a day or two I'll have new stuff to show you. In the meantime I hope you like the Rose of Sharon block I've posted. The contents of my old blog are available if you click this link.